Letters to the Editor

The real problem

The recent spiking in gun violence is not due to the actions of responsible gun owners. So far none of the demented killers have been shown to be members of the NRA.

Don’t attack only a symptom of an irresponsible society or a segment of it. The real problem and cause is a poorly designed and administered public school system which unbelievably has dropped or denigrated the teaching of cursive (handwriting), history and civics. I once asked the O’Fallon school system to show me the high school curriculum. They could not. I was referred to a middle school principal who tried to convince me that their curriculum was “flexible” in ways that he could not define.

If today’s young people continue to be raised by surrogates in preschool, who themselves have failed to find something more than minimum wage jobs and no experience as a parent, what would you suspect to be the outcome? If they are not taught about our history and civics to understand our form of government, how do you expect them to survive on computer skills?

Working mothers, frequently caused by divorce due to marriage failure to meet expectations, should be considered the prime problem. Their numbers should be reduced and the idea that women can do both work and child rearing equally well is usually wrong. If working women numbers were reduced to family care first, there would be very little unemployment.

Joseph M. Reichert