Letters to the Editor

KC fans are tipping the scales

I thought when it came to baseball Kansas City Royal fans were pretty astute. I believed they recognized and appreciated good baseball and good players.

The latest voting for the American League all-star team has caused me to pause. In their zeal to show support for their players, KC fans are making a mockery of the MLB all-star voting process.

If voting ended today, KC players would be in the American League starting line-up for seven of nine positions, including designated hitter.

This would be fine if KC fans really believed that each KC player is the best in the league at their position. What does that have to do with it?

In a show of misguided allegiance, Royals fans are casting ballots early and often, in accordance with MLB rules. Unfortunately, they appear to be voting for the uniform with seemingly little regard for who’s wearing it.

In doing so, they’ve compromised their baseball integrity. The AL all-star team is intended to showcase the league’s finest. As example, a player whose batting average is about equal to his weight is not all-star caliber, no matter how many votes he gets. Don’t set ’em up for failure with a massive international audience looking on.

The stakes are high. The AL team that faces its NL counterpart needs to be the best possible. Home field advantage for the World Series is on the line.

KC fans need to come to their senses before it’s too late.

Bill Malec