Letters to the Editor

End prejudice

Is Tom Gibbons, the Madison County state’s attorney, prejudiced against black people? A recent experience reminded me of a newspaper article in which a group of black people complained that Gibbons refused to meet with them.

I am convinced Mr. Gibbons uses his position as prosecutor to punish and deny his lawfully mandated services to black people. As I understand, he regularly buys tickets and attends the local NAACP banquets. In discussions with other black people, it was pointed out the blatant lack of equal employment opportunities available to black people in Edwardsville and throughout Madison County.

The nearly all-white Edwardsville Police Department is scary to black people. White elected officials who deliberately exclude blacks from employment positions frequently buy tickets and attend the NAACP banquets. Black people must realize the amount of money their leaders hustle selling banquet tickets and begging for donations is insignificant when compared to the salary and benefits from equal access to public employment positions.

Saying we should all “just get along” will be impossible until racism in Madison County and especially Edwardsville is addressed. The lack of racial diversity in public employment in Madison County and Edwardsville will inevitably lead to disastrous consequences similar to Ferguson. Black people matter.

William R. Lambert