Letters to the Editor

Number crunching

In a recent letter, Jim Eydmann derided the postal service by making a very snide and spiteful comment. He stated, “in Sweden the elderly can sign up at their post office and the mailman will then check in on them every day. Can you imagine our post office employees doing the same thing?” How very droll of him.

A couple of facts for Mr. Eydmann: First, Sweden is a very small country and their mail volume is miniscule compared with the United States. Secondly, Sweden is a socialist state, with cradle to grave “goodies” for everyone.

The last statistics available (from 2011), showed the USPS mail volume to be 168 billion letters and parcels. To put that into perspective (this stat is from 1990) :

▪ One billion seconds ago, it was 1959

▪ One billion minutes ago, Jesus was alive

▪ One billion hours ago, our ancestors were in the stone age

▪ One billion days ago, no-one walked on the earth.

Now sir, do the math and multiply these by 168. Got a figure? Do you feel ignorant or merely foolish? Furthermore, you nor 90 percent of the public couldn’t haul a letter carriers water, much less their mailbag weighing up to 50 pounds. You couldn’t walk half the distance they cover in an average day (up to 10 miles) in extreme hot and cold; and yes that means in rain, sleet, snow and hail. Tell you what, why don’t you follow a mail carrier around for a day. Bet you can’t.

Roddy D. Riggs