Letters to the Editor

Climate change danger is real

For those who still think that either there is no climate change (global warming) or that it is just a “normal” variations in world climate, citing the past ice ages, please remember this. “We are in more danger of the future from things we don’t know than we are by things we think we do know.”

Yes, there are normal climate changes and some not normal but natural. Impact by asteroids, eruptions of volcanoes some so large that they block the sun, tsunamis, earthquakes and floods and more. We have had both plans on how to recover and how to minimize the damage. New York is building a seawall or dike barrier. San Francisco and Los Angeles have laws and regulations on requiring buildings to be more earthquake resistant.

But we have failed ourselves and our progeny for not having something to stop or at least mitigate the climate change happening now. It will most certainly come whether we are prepared for it. Now is the only time we have to make plans or change habits to stop or slow it down. All life on earth depends upon us trying.

Joseph M. Reichert