Letters to the Editor

A question of facts

In response to Gene Robke’s June 19 letter: Oh cousin of my cousin. Nephew of my Godfather. Is it a lie if you were duped, or did you intend to do the duping?

I’ve seen so many “facts” from your many submissions to this newspaper which cannot stand the test of research. Then I read your alleged quotes of George W. Bush. I regret to inform you that the quotes you used came from a satirical website. President Bush never spoke those words. He did not apologize for the Iraq war. He did not “admit” that his administration “exaggerated threats.”

Then there is your quote from Scott Ritter. Here is another from him, taken from a Time magazine interview: “I have never given Iraq a clean bill of health. Never. Never.” That sounds relatively emphatic, Don’t you think?

I cannot submit this without also questioning your belief that Hillary Clinton’s vote for the Iraq war was the result of a lie. Do you remember “Operation Desert Fox”? Here is a quote from Hillary’s hubby Bill: “Saddam Hussein must not be allowed to threaten his neighbors or the world with nuclear arms, poison gas or biological weapons.” Then he carpet-bombed Baghdad.

Feel free to check my facts. I’ve been checking yours.

Tom Langlitz

New Athens