Letters to the Editor

Remembering Randy Sims

I am absolutely horrified by the article written by Beth Hundsdorfer about the death of Randy Sims and his father this past weekend. He was a classmate of mine and was the kind of person who would have held the door for you if you had been a whole block away. He was always friendly and cheerful, never a negative word to say about anyone. He taught Sunday school at a local church and at the time of the accident, he had been working on a missions project with his father.

Yet, instead of choosing to focus on how the world lost such a good guy, you chose to focus on the terrible thing his mother did 25 years ago. Instead of putting the focus on him, you’ve given her fresh attention that she does not deserve.

I strongly recommend that you remove this embarrassing story and replace it with a better, more accurate story of his life with an apology to this man’s remaining family and friends. Shame on you for writing such a sensationalist article and focusing on something so negative. I am deeply disappointed that you allowed this sort of thing to be published.

Meaghan Weedon

Glen Carbon