Letters to the Editor

Mistakes were made

With regards to letter writer Gene Robke’s latest comments, no conservative is suggesting Hillary Clinton solely liberated Iraq from Saddam Hussein, they only point out that she supported it. More than the Bush administration believed that Saddam had WMDs, it crossed party lines.

Bush didn’t fabricate about “yellowcake” either, Bush stated it came from British intelligence. High-grade aluminum tubes are for dual-purpose usage, used for centrifuges as well as items such as bicycle frames. They were banned by the United Nations for Iraq to acquire, unless it was done under U.N. supervision. Saddam attempted to acquire large quantities of them without notifying the U.N. and got caught, a violation of U.N. Security Resolutions. It’s unlikely Saddam would violate U.N. resolutions to produce a lot of bicycles.

Bush didn’t remove weapons inspectors, he advised them to leave prior to the invasion for their safety.

In August 1998, it was Scott Ritter who resigned from his position, accusing the U.N. Security Council and the U.S. of giving in to Iraq, quote: “Iraq should be subjected to a major campaign that seeks to destroy the regime of Saddam Hussein.” So much for the credibility of Scott Ritter.

Nobody is saying, mistakes weren’t made after removing Saddam, Paul Bremer with little Middle East experience was one of them but Bush did gain victory and Iraq was able to form it’s own government.

Russell C. Fette