Letters to the Editor

A simple solution

I have read the word “Greece” translated into English means “Illinois.” Local Democratic lawmakers recently gathered in Belleville for a “sky is falling budget cuts” dog and pony show. It’s true, people in Illinois are suffering and will be suffering more because of these fiscally irresponsible lawmakers, many of whom have been in office for over two decades.

The gaggle’s consistent message, “Don’t cut my spending, raise taxes, i.e., I can’t get re-elected if I can’t spend.” Not one bragged about taxpayer cost savings, cutting waste, or eliminating duplicate services. These people have not been responsible stewards of the Illinois taxpayer’s money. Unfortunately, their new taxes will come at the expense of middle-class taxpayers. I say middle class because they have already given many large Illinois-based corporations generous tax incentives so they won’t leave the economically dying state. So who is left to tax?

Illinois is a dysfunctional fiscal disaster. No surprise that Illinois holds the distinction of most corrupt state in the nation, with four of the state’s last nine governors going to prison. These lawmakers do not possess the fortitude necessary to right the sinking ship of debt called Illinois, which they created. At least Bruce Rauner has proposed some fiscally responsible solutions to cutting the state’s enormous debt. When you are drowning under ever-increasing debt, there is really only one simple solution — stop the spending.

Pete Hill