Letters to the Editor

Societal problem

In the mid ’80s, the hot topic on President Reagan’s plate was “Star Wars.” You need to remember this first when the discussion of gun control comes up again and again as a simplistic solution to the more frequent family, racial and other mass shootings. Ronald Reagan had a plan in the mid ’80s for increased military power and control of the word. Ronald Reagan’s plan included defunding and closing down the outpatient mental health centers nationwide. Belleville Mental Health was one of the victims.

Now those neglected mental health patients and descendents of those patients, along with children not raised by parents, but by undereducated and inexperienced (in motherhood) child care centers where working mothers must take their children, are showing up as failures to mature and with several mental problems.

Know this, none of the shootings were done by NRA members. Most were not done by legitimate gun owners. The problem is mental health not lack of gun control, particularly in Illinois. But those who would like do disarm the citizenry and ignore the reason for the 2nd Amendment will rise and try to attack gun owners again. Watch for it and be ready to respond with your vote.

Joseph M. Reichert