Letters to the Editor

Service groups need action

As Chairman of the Board of Directors for Caritas Family Solutions, I write to plead with our state legislators. It is time to come together, for the good of our state, and pass the 2016 budget.

Our organization, Caritas Family Solutions, is a nonprofit, social services agency that serves more than 4,400 children and families each year. We rely heavily on state funding to serve children and those most vulnerable in our communities. Our service area includes the southern third of Illinois, and our programs reach into almost every county in that area.

The state’s budget crisis not only affects Caritas but all nonprofit agencies in Illinois that provide care to those who rely on state assistance, including the developmentally disabled, low-income seniors and 17,920 foster children. Foster children are wards of the state — so please let your state legislators know that the state needs to pass the budget so that foster homes can care for those children who have no one else to look out for them.

It’s time to come together for the good of the state and those in need that they serve.

Matt Rakers

Chair, Board of Directors, Caritas Family Solutions, Belleville