Letters to the Editor

What you make it

With the recent Supreme Court ruling favoring Obamacare, the Democrats and leftists have finally reached fulfillment of a country governed on moral relativism. In other words, truth is what you make it no matter how clear the meaning actually is.

Thus it was that the four words in Obamacare “established by the states,” did not really mean “established by the states.” Since the most obvious meaning does not hold true by our supreme hierarchy, then all other laws, no matter how clear and obvious, hold no meaning to me either. Everything is now up for personal interpretation and everyone can define law on a minute by minute basis. Something as simple as a stop sign can be interpreted as not really stopping your car or even a behavior. It’s all up to each of us.

So, from now on, I encourage each of you to define law as you see it and not as it is written. Keep in mind, though, that in tyrannical governments, they usually have the bigger club to beat you into agreeing with their definition of anything. So the Supreme Court has spoken and so it is done. I suggest we take the advice of David Burge regarding the lack of upholding the Constitution, “If the government can pretend a law is constitutional, I’ll go ahead and pretend to obey it.”

Brent Rains