Letters to the Editor

Parrot talk

Gene Robke’s last letter reminds me of the screeching of an old parrot squawking “it’s George Bush’s fault” over and over again. Doesn’t Robke understand we have his number and that he is just trying to divert attention away from the horrible mess Obama and his cohorts have made of this country?

Never has an administration been plagued with more scandals, lying and engaging in illegal activities by high officials in the IRS, the Justice Department, security activities, State Department, Veteran’s Administration, Department of Defense and by Obama himself. Add to that Obama’s ineptness and floundering in dealing with threats to our way of life, both here and abroad, and you come up with the most complete disastrous administration in our history.

Meanwhile, some foreign government has hacked into the personnel files of present and retired federal employees, probably including mine. And just what are our brave boys in the FBI doing to address the obvious law-breaking? Our brand new Attorney General is bragging about the FBI exposing wrongdoing by some soccer group in Switzerland and a probe of the St. Louis Cardinals’ suspected hacking of the Houston Astros’ computer files. Boy, that makes me sleep better at night.

With all this chaos, Robke continues to squall “it’s all George Bush’s fault.” I think even Robke knows better.

Leon Anderson