Letters to the Editor

Sound-off 7/27/15

Our readers comment on the week’s news in our Sound-off column.

In the running

On July 20, C J. Baricevic announced he wants to be your representative for the 12th Congressional District seat in Washington. He will bring to the Congress his family’s legacy of St. Clair County Democratic party corruption and his close ties to our powerful local unions. After all, he didn’t choose the courthouse or some other notable public forum to announce his candidacy, he ran to the pipefitters and electricians union halls to bargain for their backing.


This is about C.J. Baricevic running for Congress. Here is a kid who is 30 years old, has no family no wife or children. Knows nothing about family life. Has never worked at a job, worked for his uncle, Greg Chatham in his law firm. Probably making copies, now he wants to be a Congressman. Unbelievable. He has a public defender job because his dad appoints the public defenders.


I was very happy to see that Congressman Mike Bost is beating C.J. Baricevic in fundraising, at least at this early point. I tell everyone, we don’t need another liberal St. Clair County Democratic voice in this government. These are the people who have put this state and this county in the shape that it is in. These people have run this place like it’s a dictatorship. You don’t need to add another layer of power to these people, you need to be taking it away.

State fairs

Now that we have succeeded in stopping the squandering of public tax money on at least one county fair, it’s time to turn our attention to the state fairs. Only in Illinois would you find the state fair being run in the capitol losing so much money that the legislature votes to fund another state fair in another city that looses even more money. The Du Quoin State Fair is a major money pit. Isn’t it time for our cash-strapped state to get out of the fair business also?

County fair

Regarding the St. Clair County Fair, if the stock holders wouldn’t have taken all the money that the state gave them and put it in their pocket, instead of putting it back into the fair, they could still have the fair. But no, greedy people do greedy things.

Problem solving

Regarding the 32-year-old man who is accused of raping and videotaping a 10-year-old girl: Find a rope, a tree, and find some men willing to take care of the problem.

People power

I’m so pleased to see the people have risen up to defeat the political nonsense about changing the midget mascot. The people from Illinois need to understand they can do the same thing. They can get their message across and get these politicians to do what they want them to do, too. A lesson to be learned what people need to do to get their state and their country back.

Mascot issue

It’s time to get rid of all mascots. Not only are the little people offended by the nickname the midgets, but what about the Human Society and all the animal nicknames? The Audubon Society and bird nicknames? But what about the large people who are offended by being called Giants? What about devil worshipers? I’m sure if someone were to look hard enough they would make up an excuse for getting rid of anything.

Is racing next?

The rumor is that the little people of America are going to petition to stop midget auto racing at Belle-Clair Fairgrounds.


I don’t understand why Bill Clay and Mark Eckert hate America.

All in one?

Is Belleville City Clerk Dallas Cook also the chief of police, mayor and more, all wrapped in one? He sure acts like it. What an ego. Anything to get feel-good press for an empty shirt.

Police uniforms

First of all, do the Belleville police officers need new uniforms during this time of budget restraints? Our forefathers fought for our right to choose and the flag of the U.S. The least we can do is honor it. Long may it wave.

Fighting crime

Oh good grief. Doesn’t the city of Belleville have enough crime to fight? Looks like they prefer to argue over patches on their sleeves. What should go on what sleeve? How about doing some crime fighting?

Flag flap

The flag flap in Belleville is much to do about nothing. When people need help, they are not looking at an officer’s uniform. They just need assistance. I don’t know what City Clerk Dallas Cook is trying to prove’ he is just trying to stir up a mess. No one really cares about the flag on the uniform, the chief of police should have made that call.


I’m not a (Belleville City Clerk Dallas) Cook fan by any stretch of the imagination, but this whole Dallas report thing sounds incredibly coincidental not to be political. Everybody knows that (Belleville Police) Chief (William) Clay says “how high” when (Belleville Mayor Mark) Eckert says “jump”. Clay doesn’t have a thought that doesn’t come out of Eckert’s head.

Splash pad

I don’t want to sound crazy but I took my grandkids to the Swansea splash pad and when I got there a bunch of 12- and 13-year-olds were running around there. What’s the deal? Splash pads are for little kids, and kindergarten age, not junior high age. You can’t take the little kids into something like that — they will get hurt. We left.

Lost vets

In the obituaries, we lost another two American heroes. Glen Gibson, of Granite City, served four tours of combat duty in Korea and was the first American up the Hue River in Vietnam. Francis Bowels, of Marine, Ill., joined the Marine Corps during WWII and was one of the Marines who hit the beach in Iwo Jima. I thank both of these gentlemen for their service to their country.


President Obama wants to deal with Iran. What is in his mind? One thing you never do is negotiate with a terrorist. Maybe Obama and the Rev. Al Sharpton need to have a roundtable discussion with Bob Romanik.

Hoffman’s view

It’s interesting to note in the guest viewpoint from State Rep. Jay Hoffman, which he sums up , “I support a fair system that allows for a strong economy and a strong Illinois.” My message to you, Jay, is you can go on and provide a litany of excuses, but, in essence, you are part of the problem that created this mess, for the workmen’s comp system. So, for you to give your view points on what should and shouldn’t be done is hypocritical. And, frankly you need to be thrown out of office along with Sen. James Clayborne.


I’m amused every time Jay Hoffman says something. I lived in Springfield when Jay was Rod Blagojevich’s best friend when Rod was governor. Now Jay is talking about workmen’s comp and we need to believe everything he says? Right.

Workman’s comp

An answer to the dimwitted liberal who commented on the opinion concerning the workman’s comp about the millions paid to prison workers for the dangerous act of turning a key: Nowhere was there any mention of injuries caused for any other reason. Since it is common knowledge, Liberals can’t comprehend simple written English. I suggest that he take his own advice and until he does, just shut up.

Hospital security

Why do the local hospitals even have a security department? My wife was visiting a relative at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. She left late, noticed some gentlemen hanging around her vehicle, got nervous, went back in, asked for security for an escort. She was told there were only two officers, she could wait or call police to escort her. Why are there only two security officers working in a building that size and an area that large? I don’t’ understand it.


I believe one of the most overused English words is hero. A hero is defined by the dictionary as a man or woman of distinguished valor or performance. Think about that and you will see a policeman or fireman, or serviceman does not become a hero when he puts on a uniform. It’s because they put their life on the line for the welfare of others, with total disregard for their own safety and security. Is it really right that some people want to consider a POW to be a hero and chastise anyone who disputes them?

What’s next?

Belleville was billed as an “All-America City” in 2011. Since then: no public pool, no county fair, no Fourth of July fireworks, no American flags on police uniforms. Will they be doing away with apple pie next?

Trump is tops

I see Donald Trump at the top of the polls again. Maybe the other Republican candidates can take Trump’s cue: be real and be yourself.


I’m commenting where Steve Johnson was made chief of police of Swansea. It’s great and I congratulate him.

Kid stuff

The courthouse workers are partisan, which is no surprise. One of them stole two of my signs when I was going up there for the rally in support of the flag. Stole my two signs and ran off with them, like a little kid.

Tree planters

In response to Fred Busch’s comment why should we protect the squirrels? Are you so uninvolved that you don’t recognize the importance of this creature that God created for us? Squirrels are a big part of our planet’s natural plan. Where would we humans be without the squirrels to plant our trees? All creatures, especially humans can cause harm. But please, people, protect our tree planters; we need them to survive.


I have only one thing to say to this Planned Parenthood group: Gotcha.

Thanks, IDOT

I am the mother of an IDOT worker. Presently they are working on Illinois 159 in Swansea. To me, they magically appear in the dark with huge equipment and large lights and trucks filled with very hot asphalt. They tear up the roads, pave the roads, put signs up, and temporarily mark lanes. When I get up early at 6 a.m. all the huge equipment, lights, and mess, once again magically disappears. There is no magic to this job, but merely hard work. Thank you, IDOT, for a job well done in my neighborhood.

Flag needed

The Bicentennial Park needs a new flag. Please invest.