Letters to the Editor

Bring back American dream

God bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her... Bring back Kate Smith, bring back the foundation of the country, bring back honor and dignity, bring back the American dream, bring back moral leadership in a country that honors God.

This country fought against the British and was established with the blood of men, guided by our first president, George Washington, who prayed earnestly with his men and officers before entering battle. We celebrate this country being based on God’s guidance.

It tugs at the heart strings of all free men and women in this country that holds to the principles our founding fathers depended on to establish a country that gained prominence only because of the moral foundation they were guided by.

Now, in the span of time we have entered, it is becoming increasingly evident our country’s leadership is fostering an atmosphere causing our backs to turn away from all of the reasons that this song brings tears to our eyes. Our leaders have turned their backs on God and are leading us into a time of destruction.

Men in black dresses appointed by these leaders are deliberately bringing our country to shame by making laws that force us to turn from our most cherished principles. Our young nation, having attained status as the greatest nation in the world, is now in trouble as a result. God grant us moral leadership.

Richard L. Shelton

Fairview Heights