Letters to the Editor

America, what has changed?

Do black lives matter? Of course they do. Do white lives matter? The answer depends on who you are.

Take Martin O’Malley who was heckled because he said white lives matter. He later apologized. Why would you need to do that? He only told the truth.

Did I miss something growing up that all lives matter because God loves us all? Instead of going forward from the 1960s with race issues, riots and hatred for the police; we have gone backward and history is repeating itself. We seemingly didn’t have these issues several years ago, so what changed?

Michael Brown had just robbed a place of business and pushed the owner around and Treyvon Martin was in a neighborhood where he didn’t live. Michael Brown resisted arrest. Why is he a hero? The heroes are the servicemen shot down in cold blood in Chattanooga. They are the innocents killed or harmed by illegal aliens who have committed crimes and our government does nothing. Did anyone from the White House call that grieving family whose daughter was shot in San Francisco?

We’ve lost touch of reality. We have forgotten that we are all important and we all matter whether we are black, white, Hispanic, German, Japanese, Polish, Irish, Chinese, etc. The media needs to remember that and quit trying to sensationalize when only black people are involved.

As a woman, was I discriminated against in getting ahead. My advice, work harder and grow some.

Kay Diekemper