Letters to the Editor

Term limits

“To the caller in the paper on July 13, the one who said that Republicans were interested in term limits: Does the caller know for a fact that we don’t? Is there any evidence that says Gov. Rauner himself is saying this? Why do most Democrats want to claim such things on Republicans?”

July 8, 2015, BND Editorial: “Gov. Bruce Rauner is making term limits one of five items over which he’s willing to die on the hill. Why this issue when most of the Turnaround Agenda is about growing jobs and thus tax revenue? Because Illinois got into this situation thanks to decades of career politicians doing business as usual. They have been much more interested in holding their seats than in improving our state.”

Sometime back, this very same contributor suggested that perhaps I should speak for myself on a issue. Might I suggest that this person does not speak for all Republicans or, for that matter, most Democrats. In addition to being wrong this person might adhere to their own advice and speak only for themselves. Term limits were an integral part of of his campaign and he also backed the referendum advancing consideration of term limits on the ballot.

Michael R. Sweeney