Letters to the Editor

Imagine this

What if:

A poll showed that 90 percent of illegal aliens were going to vote Republican, an impenetrable wall would be built at the border within a week.

The mainstream media reported fully and fairly all news worthyevents, there would be no need for Fox News.

Al Gore had created the Obamacare website, $5 billion could have been saved. After all, Al Gore invented the Internet, right?

Barrack Obama attended college as a foreign student, how did he later become a natural born U.S. citizen?

Al Gore had been elected president, would he have moved the U.S. Capitol to Disneyland?

Donald Trump were elected president, how many politicians would be serving their next terms in prison?

Hillary Clinton had had her way and allowed prison inmates to vote, do you think that most would have voted Republican? Democrats are weak on crime and want to disarm the public to make it safer for criminals.

When Bill Clinton’s terms as president ended, Hillary removed more than $20,000 worth of property from the White House. How much could she steal as president?

Think about it.

Jim Bonnevier