Letters to the Editor

Protest flags

I did not know that ISIS flags were flown during the “peaceful” demonstration in Ferguson, Mo., last year until I read the letter by Roddy Riggs in the July 23 paper. I should not have found it surprising.

During the Vietnam War era, it was sickening and repulsive to see Viet Cong flags and communist flags flown by hippies and peaceniks in anti-war protests. Apparently since then, America haters are still thriving and doing as well as ever.

In reference to people who fly flags of enemies of this country, I wish they would try similar antics in countries less tolerant of enemy banners. I would like to see them fly a Nazi flag in Germany or display a North Korean flag in South Korea. The consequences would be nothing at all like we tolerate in this country. And by the way, German police and Korean police are not known for handling offenders with kid gloves.

The United States Supreme Court once said: “A person gets from a symbol the meaning he puts into it.” And any flag is symbolic of what meaning it represents.

Frank B. Austin