Letters to the Editor


I am saddened to listen, watch, or read, the articles, photos, and videos that are appearing across this nation. There has never been 100 percent agreement, but a majority agreement on what this nation stood for, that was a united nation. I do not see or hear that in today’s media or the peoples actions.

Over the last two decades there has been noticeably increased tension, increased regulations, increased size of government, distrust in law enforcement agencies, increased crime and violence. There has been a decrease in moral values, family values, decrease in individual integrity and responsibility and a lack of national pride and patriotism. The nation has become segregated more than ever before.

The government has taken over the educational system, which in my opinion has been subtly teaching leftist policies. The present government is trying to make everyone equally poor. Poor people are easier to control when you provide enough food to keep them alive.

The Supreme Court and the executive branches of our government are over reaching their authority. The legislative branch has become weak. Elected representatives are not doing their jobs.

Lew Hiatt