Letters to the Editor

Double standard

The BND had a letter about questionable deaths by police. When I saw the word “questionable” in referring to the incidents where people have died at the hands of police, it bothered me.

One incident that was a crime was when a man was shot in the back after he no longer posed a threat. The other incidents are not questionable. The one in Ferguson, Mo. was because a young black man committed a robbery and he fit one of the suspects description, not because of his color. The others were similar because the police were called or a traffic violation. We don’t see any outrage for victims of black on white or black on black crimes.

This double standard that is being applied simply says if a person of color commits an offense that causes a police officer to be dispatched, they should not be held accountable for their actions if they are not the same color as the officer.

There are more murders committed in East St. Louis every month than deaths by police all year. The police are not out of control, people pushing their beliefs and political correctness on others is.

John Bauer

New Baden