Letters to the Editor

A catch-all letter

In this day and age of commercials with sexual themes, the young lady in the Dairy Queen commercial who is “hanging onto her summer” is a “breath of fresh air.”

Also, Jim Walters, you are still a sad piece of work with your misguided views on the Bible. However, I wholeheartedly agree with your stand against animal abuse. Our judicial system is much too lenient with these scumbags. If you have enough money and a good attorney, you can plea bargain any charge from murder one, women, children and animal abuse, etc. down to throwing a candy bar into a public swimming pool.

Also, Brad VanHoose, does Belleville not have enough problems you can tinker with as opposed to concerning yourself with Caseyville’s problems? What is the problem you have with our village? It would not be monetary disappointments would it? Caseyville’s problems are minute compared to many of the surrounding communities. Please let our elected officials handle our meager problems. They are a very talented and intelligent group.

Bill Conklin