Letters to the Editor

Follow Jesus, not bishop

The Catholic Church has been successful in convincing the majority of Catholics that whatever church leadership, (bishops and priest teaches or comments on), is the truth and is official church teaching and one dare not question it. This is at best disingenuous and here are just a couple of major examples you do not have to believe.

Catholics do not have to believe or accept the leaderships position on abolishing the death penalty, gun control, global warming, borders must be eliminated and everything the bishop says is binding. In fact you should oppose these positions as I said, they and numerous other leadership positions are not official church teaching and their motivation is highly suspect.

Your obligation to follow Jesus Christ and His church is fulfilled when as a good priest said, you dare not question the church teaching on faith and morals. Every other issue must be studied and a personal decision made. The obvious parallels regarding the church leaderships position and the current direction of our government is leading us is frightening.

Bare in mind, at all levels of the church the positions of leadership are held by men, and have all the strengths and weakness as you and I have, we pray daily that they spend many hours in prayer and especially with the Blessed Sacrament to help them have the strength to suppress human faults.

Lee Harris