Letters to the Editor

No harassment intended

In a recent Belleville News-Democrat was a piece by Christopher Kutz suggesting to stop officers from being able to make traffic stops because they are done to harass blacks. This tops the list of racist rants I have seen yet.

Why don’t we just disband all police departments all together. Let’s just let everyone out of prison too. Let’s just give people with criminal intentions free reign to prey on the innocent law-abiding citizens of our country. Police, troopers, deputies, and fire rescue perform services we cannot live without.

Traffic stops are a necessary part of keeping us all safe from whomever. In almost all traffic stops the officer has no idea who is in the car that the officer is stopping. They don’t know what race, religion, or anything else about the person. The officer is stopping the person for a traffic or equipment violation. They see a car coming that committed an infraction and turn to pull it over.

I don’t think they have issued police officers superman vision to see exactly who is in a car from sometimes hundreds and hundreds of feet away, through tinted windows, at night, or through the back of a car. It is just ludicrous to say they should stop the use of traffic stops.

The Michael Brown incident had nothing to do with a traffic stop, the young man carrying a look alike pistol had nothing to do with a traffic stop. In every one of these incidents the person contacted was doing something that appeared to be a threat or hazard to the public. In some of the incidents the person in the car did not follow the officers instructions or chose to try to run and avoid responsibility for their actions.

If you don’t like staying within the laws set forth to protect us all from harm and that includes while operating a transportation conveyance you should expect to be held accountable for that action. In predominantly black communities most of the people stopped will be black, in a Hispanic community more Hispanics are stopped and so on and so on. Quit crying and trying to use race as an excuse to operate outside the law.

John C. Bauer

New Baden