Letters to the Editor

Rauner is right

I would like to commend and agree with Lynn Jarman’s Aug. 4 and Patty Evansco’s Aug. 8 letters in the Opinion section regarding elderly organizations they help that will lose benefits due to Illinois’ budget problems. These seniors have given us the most wonderful life in the world and we certainly should feel compelled to help them live their life peacefully.

While we are all concerned about seniors losing benefits in their final days, everyone in the state of Illinois is in danger of having their economic future crushed by the debt our politicians have brought upon us. The state House and Senate refuse to acknowledge the fact that we cannot afford the tax increase they want to impose upon us on top of what is already the highest taxes, (including gas tax, highway tolls, property tax), of any Midwestern state. We also cannot afford to have people and businesses leave the state because they refuse to pay more taxes than almost any state in the country.

Gov. Rauner is willing to take a hit to his popularity, because he understands the disastrous consequences of the state’s/the people’s economic future, and that it gets worse every day. Madigan and Cullerton want us to think that kicking the can down the road, as they did with Gov. Quinn, is a more compassionate way to move forward.

Gov. Rauner is right. We need to face up to the economic disaster Madigan and Cullerton have put us in now.

Joseph L. Fairbanks

Fairview Heights