Letters to the Editor

Sound-off: 8/24/15

Same shenanigans

We thought a new mayor in East St. Louis would turn things around. We were wrong. City manager fired by the council, ex-mayor hired as city manager who is more powerful than the mayor and people the mayor let go to be rehired by the city manager. Politics in good old East St. Louis never changes. Since their golden goose, the Casino Queen, isn’t laying as many eggs for the city, it looks like a lot of politicians will still have egg on their face. Stay tuned for future shenanigans in East St. Louis.

Buy your own insurance

Former Mayor Parks hired as city manager. This is the Democratic machine in action again. Why does a person earning $100,000 a year need medical benefits? Surely they can afford benefits. Yeah, Democrats, you did it again.

Get the full story

Interesting letter about Rick Stone from Mr. Kaufman, stating that the BND has failed to seek out who handed Stone those subpoena’s to serve. Find out who was all involved in this matter. The voters have a right to know.

American dream

Why do poor people who can’t afford food or clothing have to have a smart phone? Years ago the American dream was to own your own home. Now it’s to own your own phone.

Belleville’s priorities

Winter’s coming. Prairie Street and Dutch Hollow Ridge are in dire need and can’t be fixed, but go ahead with North Illinois streetscape that came in over budget and has to come up with extra money. Then the Illinois 15 development: How much money has been spent and may fall through? Watch how your alderman voted. Who comes first: big corporations, make the street beautiful or the safety of drivable streets?

Charge the crime

State’s attorney’s Kelly’s comment that he would check to see if prosecution was available for the person who was obtaining subsidy funds from the Belleville Township is the most ignorant comment I have ever heard for a prosecuting attorney. If somebody improperly or illegally was working and submitting false documents for aid, and this gentleman does not know his own job as to whether this person should be prosecuted? He broke the law. Put him in jail, or is he a Democrat?

Height of stupidity

I hope the editor of the News Democrat will do an editorial on the decision by Mark Kern to raise the height of buildings in the flight zone out at Scott Air Force Base. What could that man be thinking?

Fairview’s pay mistake

How short sighted of the Fairview Heights City Council not to give the Economic Director the raise he requested. The gentleman has been underpaid for many years. All he would have been doing was to raise his salary to the going rate for economic directors in the area. Yet the City council in their short sightedness will let him leave his job. Can’t wait to see what they pay the next economic director.

Honesty loses out

It’s a shame the honest mayor of East St. Louis is trying to do the right thing and bring the city back, and it seems like the City Council doesn’t want things to change, they want them to stay corrupt. Doesn’t make sense, they don’t want to come out of the hole they are in just keep going deeper in debt.

Bullies go home

I am not a resident of Freeburg. I would have greater respect for the Little People of America if they would go after the racing industry on the national level, to get rid of the name midgets in their car racing. To come to the small community of Freeburg with a spotless reputation for its community, school and sports is unbelievable. Hold firm, city of Freeburg, and tell the bullies to go somewhere else.

Proper placement

Very appropriate: Belleville Panel OK’s 5.5 million in incentives for Soccer Park, was listed in the BND under “crimes.”

Buy American

The same people that are talking about jobs in America, are the same people driving Japanese and Korean cars and buying other kinds of imported products, to the extent that you can’t even buy things made in America anymore. We don’t make TVs. We don’t make the hardware either. If we are going to have jobs, we are going to have to start buying American. I never stopped.

Hanoi Hillary

If an NBC prime time newscaster can lose his job because he lied about coming under fire in a hostile war zone, why is it Hillary Clinton hasn’t been brought to task for her lying about coming under fire when she was in a helicopter over Afghanistan? She is a typical liar all the way around. She’s about as bad as Jane Fonda in my opinion, and I’m an Army vet.

Fire academy a hit

I want to commend Fire Chief John McGuire and Police Chief Steve Johnson of Swansea for their recent fire academy for the young kids of Swansea. It was a big success, kids had a good time and were attentive. Put together less than 2 months after Scott came on board and he did a terrific job of running the whole program. The volunteers were helpful and did a good job. This is the first one that went smoothly. Looks like next year they will do it again.

Black lives matter

There’ve been 125 shootings so far this year in St. Louis. Why is it back lives don’t matter when blacks shoot blacks? But if a black is out committing a crime, such as Michael Brown, and the police shoot him, it’s a police shooting, a police murder and black lives matter? Why does it only matter if the police shoot him and doesn’t matter if a fellow black person shoots him? What’s the difference?

Fixing unions

When it comes to unions, people are upset because they feel they bring no value to the table. If you are a company looking at a union, what value do they bring to the table? They are like a teenager that wants more and more. If unions just simply looked at their problem, came to the companies and said, “Here’s what we bring,” and be very proud of that. Get rid of your drunks, people that chronically don’t show or don’t work and then you bring value that has a value. Otherwise all you are doing is extorting money.

Racism is alive

Charles Green asked if racism does exist in America. It is alive and well, indeed. During a recent trip to St. Clair Square, twice during that trip I had an incident with black people. During both of those incidents I was shoved out of the way, told “get out of the way, white boy,” and another derogatory term. If I would have turned the table and used derogatory terms while pushing a black person, I would have been branded a racist. Instead nothing is said. Yes, racism is alive and well: just not the kind you see.

Unappreciative of help

I agree 100 percent with Frankie Seaberry that there is a history of racism in this country and the white people have been oppressive, but what Seaberry ignores is the fact that black people do have some power in their own lives. Pull up your pants, show up for a job on time, and show up every day, and show up for school. Be a father to your child, don’t have children by multiple mothers. These are the problems that black people face today. More blacks are killed by black youth than by the police, yet those who risk their own lives to try and help them, we now turn the back of our hand to. Yes, it would be difficult to teach in these areas, be a firefighter or police in these areas as many of these people are unappreciative. It’s hard to be spat upon because of the color of your skin when you are trying to help someone. But this is what is happening in Ferguson and other places. Blacks do control some of their own future and are responsible for some of the current racism. Seaberry should accept that.

Clayborne’s corruption

Political corruptness and ineptness rears its ugly head again in East St. Louis with state Sen. James Clayborne and Vonetta Harris. How can anyone run up $300,000 in federal student loans to get numerous masters degrees without having some type of oversight control? Do you think she really had any plans to repay that?

State dating service

I’m outraged by your article about that woman who serves on the Illinois prisoner review board and her bad credit rating and filing bankruptcy. She’s fed off the government forever, getting all these connections. She has no business serving on that and if she can’t maintain and run her own lifestyle, life and finances, she’s got no business making life and death decisions for even inmates. This crooked Senator ought to be in jail himself. Is that the only way he can get women, is to give them jobs and let Illinois taxpayers pay for it?

Moving statues

The Freedom to Choose is a wonderful thing, many countries don’t have it. It seems Americans’ right to choose is being taken away a little bit at a time. Don’t tell me which historical statue is good and which is bad, I can decide for myself. Let’s not move these statues from place to place, let’s leave them right where they are.

Cost of education

I think it terrible that I had to pay $106 for my little girl to go to school. Had to go to Walmart and get a list of stuff, Q-tips, glue, colors and of all things, coffee filters. Does that mean the teachers are getting free coffee next? This is supposed to be a free public education in Illinois.

Cahokia’s fraud

After the 2015 elections in Cahokia we have a part-time mayor who is a school teacher and teaching during the day and working after school hours. Then a city clerk who is elected and is now the acting mayor while the mayor is teaching at school. He has hired his wife to do his job along with cutting the clerk’s pay down so he can still collect his disability. How can a person working a full-time job supposedly be disabled? If that doesn’t scream fraud, what does? If you have 1,700 absentee ballots before the election, what do you expect from this village?

Jeffersonian truth

There you go printing stuff that isn’t true. Reputable researchers and DNA testing have determined that a disreputable relative of Thomas Jefferson, not the president himself, fathered children with slave Sally Hemmings. The Associated Press is so fast and loose with the truth, they can’t be trusted. That matters little to me, except, the readers have the right to expect facts, not fiction. I wonder why the far left is so determined to smear our nation’s founders and destroy their reputations.

Trump’s terrific

I’m voting for Donald Trump. He’s a diamond in the rough and it’s time to change the guard.

Backing misplaced

The Madison County Firefighters Union supported Miller and Brombolich in the Collinsville April election. They were at least aware of Brombolich’s prior arrest record. Shame on you firefighters. You knew better and you have caused embarrassment to Collinsville.

Our holocaust

We have a terrible Holocaust in this nation: it’s called abortion. And Planned Parenthood is our Adolf Hitler.

Where’s developer?

What ever happened to the developer from Springfield, Mo., a few years ago who was supposed to come into Belleville and build some lower-cost housing and he was looking over the Orchards subdivision area, one near Illinois 161 around the college. I heard he looked into Belleville and when he heard about the city government and St. Clair County he backed out of the deal. Several people have raised that question. Would like to know what became of that situation.

And a car, too

I’m calling about the woman who is on the prisoner and parole board, sponsored by Clayborne, and about her salary and state vehicles being given for use. No wonder the state is broke. Why do they need a state vehicle? They go to the hearings at the prisons, but they don’t need a state vehicle. Pay them the reimbursement mileage rate. This is outrageous.

Who you know

I’m confused about the appointment of Vonetta Harris to the Illinois Prison Review Board, and the appointment of Sgt. Michael Hubbard, Chief of Police to East St. Louis. I don’t know the qualifications of Ms. Harris, I do know Sgt. Hubbard is very qualified for his job. I know that Ms. Harris will be making $86,000 and a car and a gas card when Chief Hubbard is only getting $88,000. It sounds like she will not be paying back the student loans that she owes. I would like to congratulate Sgt. Hubbard and I know he will do a great job. I just don’t know, it doesn’t seem right in East St. Louis, it’s not what you know, but who you know.

Business dictator

I’m sick of Mayor Eckert dictating what businesses can and can’t come to Belleville. A Clark service station was at 913 Sherman St. for years. So let Mr. Paterson open his used car lot there, and shut up, mayor.

Part of problem

I have major concerns for the new mayor’s plan for East St. Louis. I find it interesting that Mayor Hicks is so strongly concerned about the projected budget deficit in East St. Louis. She was chairman of the finance committee for six years. I’m not blaming her, there’s plenty of blame to go around. But she helped to pass that budget she keeps talking about. However she is bringing in five new people at salaries ranging from $75,000 a year to $120,000 per year. Those new positions alone add to deficit spending. Stop trying to impress and get real.

Someone will flunk

Another full-page ad about Memorial opening up on April 2016. What are they worried about? I guess about St. Elizabeth moving to O’Fallon. Somebody is going to flunk.

SWIC gala’s cost?

How much did the “President Gala” at SWIC on Aug. 6 cost the taxpayers? I think Georgia Costello thinks she’s more important than she is. Seems like a Hillary want-to-be. Disgusting.

Embarrassment’s source

Some misguided people blame Councilman Moss and Councilman Kypta with publicly exposing Mayor Miller and Councilman Brombolich, thereby embarrassing the city. This could have been avoided if Miller and Brombolich would have done the right thing and resigned their positions on the city council.

Girl’s life mattered

All this protesting going on about the shootings. Did anyone protest the shooting of the black girl killed while sitting in her bedroom?

Signs of waste

Interstate 70 is being repaved and in doing so the construction took down all the mile marker signs and were replaced with new mile marker signs, direction signs, and exit markers. No wonder the state is broke. Instead of using the old concrete bases, and the original poles, they used all-new concrete bases and poles. There was nothing wrong with any of the signs that were replaced. Explain this wasteful spending.

Foul ball players

I agree with Diane Isabelle column on disgusting pro baseball players. They are the grubbiest pro athletes I’ve ever seen. They grab their crouches, spit all over with it running down their chin and behind their greasy hair. Picking their nose, grubby and dirty. What kind of role models are they for our children? That’s how kids get bad habits. It’s not a crime to try and be clean.

ISIS strategy

How ISIS can be stopped. They keep pressing forward, why not box them in from all sides?

Unneeded tax break

Calling about the state refusing to extend sales tax breaks for construction materials and your story about the building of the Shrine project. If this is not a problem for them to build without getting the sales tax break they were promised by the state, why did this deal get pushed down the throat of the taxpayers? Obviously we are already giving them $16.9 million. What’s another $1.6 million they can’t get from the state? We taxpayers wonder why did it have to be pushed so fast and what is in it for Mark Eckert?

Saving on gas

A simple solution to the high price of gas: When the gas is a high price on the outside of the store, don’t go inside to buy more products. That is where they make the money. Economics 101.

Hillary unhacked

What’s all the fuss about Hillary using her personal server? It wasn’t illegal while Secretary of State. And with all the hacking going on with federal government computers, maybe she was wise using her own computer for correspondence.

Running on empty

Almost 150 passengers on Allegiant Airlines when the pilot says he needs to land with only three minutes of fuel left. Allegiant wasn’t aware that the Blue Angels were practicing on that airstrip. With 3 minutes of fuel they did let him land. So where is your reporting on this?