Letters to the Editor

Wise decision?

Phyllis Wise used bad judgment on many occasions and broke codes of ethical conduct by lying about her decisions, and what does the University of Illinois Board of Trustees and the new president do? They agree to pay her $300,000 to be on the faculty. What kind of insanity is this?

However, even bigger questions of judgment by these elite, liberal academics are still unanswered. Why can’t those in power do proper due diligence on faculty hires to ensure they are persons with good character with sound thinking who are non-controversial, non-violent and non-ex-felons? And, why do liberal elitists like Wise think it is perfectly fine to lie when asked about making bad decisions?

1) Hiring — in the first place — a Palestinian from South America to teach American Indian Studies?

2) Hiring and then re-hiring an ex-con terrorist to teach anything?

3) Commission a survey and then suppress it when the results turned out different than expected?

Now we have a new president who recommended Wise for a $400,000 bonus and lets her keep her $500,000-plus salary with a “new title;” saying he “personally would like to see Phyllis Wise be a stellar member of our faculty.” If Timothy Killeen was a real leader, he would have led the firing effort to rid the U of I of Wise and others of her ilk — a true firing with no association with the U of I at all.

Jay R. Brown