Letters to the Editor

$49 fares

Mark Kern was pounding his chest as Allegiant announced flights out of MidAmerica to Vegas for $49. Try and get one. I tried finding one right after it was announced and they were quick to try and sell me a $330.50 round-trip ticket to Vegas, but no $49 fares. In fact, ask them for any day, any month, any year for a $49 flight and they will tell you none are available.

I’d like to see the BND investigate how many seats they had at that price. Companies bait and switch customers routinely, and when they are caught they should be called out on it.

Also, note that while other airlines do not charge for a carry-on, Allegiant was proud to tell me they charge $50 for a carry-on bag and $50 for each checked-in bag. (Compare that with Southwest, who charges nothing for bags, or the other carriers that charge nothing for carry-ons and $35 for the first checked-in bag.)

And, good luck trying to find a telephone number on the Allegiant web page to call for that Mark Kern special $49 rate. Maybe Allegiant will announce a new one-way $49 fare to Cuba next week. I hope Mr. Kern is lucky enough to get one of those two seats they will set aside for $49.

Michael Link