Letters to the Editor

Trump is a political force

Like him or not, Trump has become a force in the GOP race for president. I believe there are several reasons.

First of all, he is not a career politician. Public opinion of politicians has sunk to all-time lows. Too many are tired of party conflicts rather than compromise to address issues facing our nation. Both parties have gone too far left and too far right to negotiate.

Secondly, he is not afraid to say what he feels regardless of retribution. That’s not to say his opinions are all valid, but they also don’t dress up what some have felt but were afraid to say.

Thirdly, his delivery and demeanor present a force of conviction and confidence often sorely lacking in politicians who vacillate in their positions just to get the majority vote.

Fourthly, he is not bought by any outside forces. He has enough wealth to fund his own campaign and is not beholding to contributors.

Fifthly, he is all about action to get results. Sadly, all politicians say great ideas, but they never arrive.

Sixthly, he has economic experience and believes in capitalism. There needs to be hope for an individual to progress in wealth and the fair opportunity to reach the ladder of success.

Lastly Trump is all about “winning.” I believe he truly has a desire to help our country proudly stand up in the world. If he gets elected as his agenda goes so will his reputation and our country’s.

Steven Tempia