Letters to the Editor

The Clintons and Haiti

I’ve been following coverage of the Red Cross being raked over the coals for their ineffective spending in rebuilding earthquake-ravaged Haiti. The article mentioned that “former President Bill Clinton raised millions of dollars.” The Clintons — Bill, Hillary, and their Clinton Foundation — had much-much more to do with Haiti.

In his book, “Clinton Cash,” author Peter Schweizer devotes a whole chapter to Clinton activities in post-earthquake Haiti. Both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and United Nations special envoy Bill Clinton visited Haiti within days after the earthquake to inspect the damage. Bill was soon appointed co-chair of the Interim Haiti Relief Committee along with Haitian PM Jean-Max Bellerive. In this capacity he was overseeing how relief dollars were spent.

The duo had decision-making power for projects funded by both U.S. taxpayers and international organizations. U.S. aid was funneled through Hillary’s State Department and its U.S. Agency for International Development. Post disaster rebuilding was big business and many Clinton friends and associates were right in the middle of it.

The Economist noted: “The strange multi-dimensional role that Mr. Clinton plays as co-chair of the IHRC, special U.N. envoy, former U.S. president, spouse of the U.S. Secretary of State, and head of his own foundation which supports projects in the country.”

Five years later, Clinton fingerprints are on whatever successes or failures have been experienced in Haiti’s recovery. A large amount of money has poured into Haiti but the average Haitian is not much better off for it.

Bill Malec