Letters to the Editor

Ugly woman

How would you respond if I said: “Megyn Kelly is a very ugly woman.”

In the presidential debate Kelly participated in as a moderator, Kelly constructed what she thought would be a very damaging question for Donald Trump. Kelly set the predicate by making reference to disparaging Internet remarks Trump had directed to various women. Then, in an act of pure malice, Kelly declared that Mr. Trump had once told a “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant, “It would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees.”

As some of us know, the “on her knees” remark was lifted from an exchange which actually occurred on a “Celebrity Apprentice” episode and involved Brandi Roderick. What Kelly knew, but did not reveal, was that Roderick physically dropped to her knees in a feigned gesture to plead for the opportunity to participate in an “Apprentice” project. Trump did not see her in this position and his comment was made when her actions were later related to him. In its proper context, which Kelly was fully aware of, Trump’s remark was both innocent and non-offensive.

What Kelly did, what she intended to do, was to use the debate to injuriously demean and marginalize Trump.

Because of what Kelly did, it is clear she either has no moral compass or her moral compass is hopelessly broken. Since she is without a functioning moral compass, Megyn Kelly is an ugly woman, and upon that truth I could most assuredly build a cathedral.

Chris Tabing