Letters to the Editor

Sorry for him

Paul Henning, whom I don’t know, has joined those who call liberals the blame for everything that is wrong. In doing so, he has also joined those who write gut feelings about subjects on which they have done little if any research. He does not get it. Sorry for him.

The reason why poor people and some black people have to live without two parents in the house is because that is the way the law requires it. If there is a “man” in the house, they become less eligible for any benefits provided for low income families; this then causes the man of the house to live elsewhere, and destroys family life in a deeply flawed attempt to weed out overpayments of benefits. In truth, the funds for welfare and Medicaid are a relatively small part of state and federal budgets.

The reality is that too many are unemployed because of conservatives. With jobs downsized by sending production out of the country to produce products more cheaply, to the fact that many jobs will never come back because products are produced by high tech machines instead of humans. They ignore the responsibility of entrepreneurs to do their job. If he does not like the way things are done in East St. Louis, he can devote more time to learning why. Or, for that matter, going there and volunteering to teach the high school senior class how to rise above the status quo.

Joseph M. Reichert