Letters to the Editor


Well, as expected, the progs have their panties in a wad over the killing of poor old, 13-year-old Cecil the lion. (Lions live 10-14 years in the wild, do the math.) But Cecil was different. He was a kind and gentle lion. Yeah well, then why didn’t anyone ever hug him, or take him out for lunch?

Liberal Huff Post writer and professional sob sister Lea Lane wrote, “It’s because injustices like Cecil’s death illustrate how little is sacred in today’s world despite differences.” We are forced to see our worst selves; greedy, vain, cruel. Really?

I’ll bet this same idiot, along with most libs, wholeheartedly supports what Planned Parenthood does and is doing. Can you say dichotomy?

I wonder if this same principled moron would be in such an uproar if Cecil was a lioness, and her name was Cecilia? And let’s just suppose someone came along, anesthetized her and removed her cute little unborn lion cubs? Probably not. Well, I’m angry over Dems hunting unborn babies and selling off their parts for huge profits, and forcing me to help support this atrocity, so take that.

Genius that I am, I do have a plan on how to stop human abortions; just give the unborn fetus a cute, fuzzy, little name like maybe oh, I dunno — Cecil.

(Sarcasm) Boy, if that hunter sold any of Cecil’s body parts, I’m going to be steamed.

Roddy D. Riggs