Letters to the Editor

Gov. Rauner’s economic reform

Headlines pit reform-minded Gov. Rauner against Senate Leader Cullerton and House Speaker Madigan. Mr. Cullerton and Mr. Madigan, who support $5 billion in deficit spending, seemingly mount a “tag team” attack in which name-calling replaces dialogue. Cullerton called Rauner a “radical” while Madigan dubbed Rauner an “extremist.” Madigan hopes to short circuit people’s logic. In liberal socialspeak, this means the Democratic faithful are supposed to ignore extremist Rauner and blindly follow Madigan.

Why? Perhaps because reform-minded Rauner seeks to balance the budget and bring jobs back to Illinois. Rauner’s plan rocks the Democrat–socialist agenda which makes citizens dependent upon government. As the Democratic leadership calls Rauner an extremist and radical, it seems the Democratic party agenda is radical and extreme.

Let’s consider if those calling Rauner names have been moderate and successful. Cullerton, Madigan and Quinn ruled Illinois for 10 years. Under their leadership, Illinois now ranks 49th in business climate. Additionally, Illinois ranks last in Midwestern job creation. Small businesses, the backbone of job creation, leave Illinois daily. Similarly, one taxpayer leaves Illinois every 10 minutes for better opportunity. People leave the workforce in despair, forced to join a dysfunctional, co-dependent relationship with upstate politicians.

Citizens deserve more than name-calling which masquerades as debate. Voters gave 10 years for Madigan and Cullerton to get it right. Their deficit spending is more of the same policy that created the current economic mess.

Philip W. Chapman