Letters to the Editor

Pope’s agenda

The pope is coming. I am already excited. I really like our present pope; he is great. I hope and pray some of his ideas become realities. However, with all due respect, I wish the pope would keep his speeches subject matters within his sphere of influence.

In my Catholic education, I was taught that the pope’s main role is to guide us in matters of faith and morals. In fact, he is infallible in these matters. So why wade into uncharted waters of world economics, politics, environment or climate change. He has no expertise in these matters.

I am also afraid if he gets too involved in these kind of topics, his infallibility in faith and morals may be jeopardized and all those socialist and redistributionist extremists will take his words out of context. The political and economic systems that tried to create a perfect social order through redistribution either collapsed or are on the way.

We will always have the poor among us, Jesus said so, because some people are poor by their own choice. In democratic societies, we have in place political, economic and social systems to make changes —if we don’t like the way things are, we vote. So, here is my suggestion to my dear pope as he is about to visit us: Please don’t bash our capitalism, it’s been good to America and to the whole world. Instead, stick with the topics of faith and morals — you’re good at it.

Anton Babic