Letters to the Editor

Sound-off: 8/31/15

Our readers react to the week’s news ...


East St. Louis just can’t get ahead. They got the weasel out of the hen house, now they got him right back in, Alvin Parks is taking over as city manager. And that is all due to the not too bright aldermen of East. St. Louis.

Be careful

Nice editorial today about East St. Louis and the cartoon about Alan Parks climbing out of the grave. This new mayor in East St. Louis should be careful.

Wake up

Talking about former Mayor Parks: He says he just wants to move the city forward. That guy had eight years to move it forward and all he did was make it worse. Wake up East St. Louis — this guy will bury you further .

Repair work

I’d like the supervisory brain child who did the utilities repair work on North Illinois Street around F Street to explain why you couldn’t patch the road back with permanent pavement when you were done instead of putting in coal, patch which now is bumps or dips and causes an inconvenience to the drivers and tears up our vehicles’ front ends.

Race cars

I see why the stock car races in Belleville are complained about, I live in Highland and the races go on a Friday night instead of Saturday. It’s aggravating for people like me who are trying to get sleep at 9 and all I hear is race cars running around the track.


Another article about an educator who is retiring. People in the private sector have 30-, 40-year careers all the time and get no recognition. People in the private sector have to work to their full retirement age, 66 years, to retire. But the teachers and administration get such cushy pensions that they all retire in their 50s. The system is so unfair.

Dealer plates

St. Clair County Board member Jerry Dinges is still driving around with dealer licenses on his vehicle. Today he was spotted in a red pickup, hauling a truck load of brush. I don’t think that is what dealer plates are used for. When is the police going to check him out to see if he has ever owned his owned license plates? Or does he just keep driving around in company cars he sells off his lot?

Baricevic family

I’d like to see an article on the Baricevic family: Chief Judge John Baricevic, drawing about $200,000; his wife on the state payroll, Marty Chatham; her brother .Greg Chatham, Guardian ad Litem, making over $100,000; and his brother, janitor for the court house. CJ is a public defender, now he wants to be a Congressman. How many state jobs do these people have? This is a tragedy. And Dennis Baricevic gets money from Fairview Heights. I don’t know one Baricevic that isn’t on a county or state payroll.

Mark Kern

Ever since I found out that Mark Kern’s parents used to own the BND newspaper I can see why it is messed up. Also, that his parents lived at 111 N. High St., in a former medical doctor’s building, which is illegal to use as a residence. Mark Kern, how do you get by with that? You are an evil person. You have cut financial programs to help the poor, all to support this airport. How much more corrupt can you be?

District 189

District 189 teachers are threatening to strike for better pay and benefits. Yet the students in 189 always fall behind in any measurement of knowledge. Either the kids are too stupid to learn, the teachers too stupid to teach, or the parents are too stupid to provide the support and guidance the students need. Or a combination of all three. More money in the pockets of the teachers won’t solve the problem.

Teachers’ raises

All new teachers’ contracts should be contingent on the amount of money received by the state. Most teachers don’t live in the districts where they teach. They don’t pay taxes into that school district — they should. If they are demanding a raise, we get socked twice for it. We pay state taxes and then we get our real-estate taxes raised. Make their raises contingent on what the state gives the school district.

Leonard Pitts

Leonard Pitts’ analogy in today’s paper was weak. What he does not address is that blacks have to believe that black lives matter. There is more black on black crime, how many children have died at the hands of other blacks? They are innocent children. Look at the drugs in the communities, weak educational system. The turning of your head when your kid has been on the streets all night. The families and communities need to give tough love and not give up. Looting, stopping traffic doesn’t bring sympathy and understanding. Blacks need to believe what they say instead of just making it a chant.

Leonard Pitts II

I’m calling about Leonard Pitts. I wish the BND would quit carrying his column; he is about the most racist person I’ve ever heard. He fuels the fire and I’m sick of him and the BND should drop him.

Leonard Pitts III

I was intrigued, as a physician, by Leonard Pitts’ approach to conservatives when they said all lives matter when confronted with black lives matter. Mr. Pitts asserts that if you go to the hospital with a broken bone they shouldn’t examine all your bones, just the broken one. In other words look at the problem, black lives matter. But the fact is Mr. Pitts overlooks that if you show up in the emergency room with a broken bone and you have a lacerated artery, you should take care of the artery first and by that I mean black on black crime in their own society.

Slain girl

Just the other day a young black girl 9 years old in Ferguson, had a bullet come through her window, hit her in the head and killed her. How many of you blacks, were out in the street demonstrating for that little girl to find the punk coward black thug who did it? Not a one. That just proves how hypocritical the black community has become on this issue. Black lives only matter if they got a reason to burn and loot and kill.


The news about the 9-year-old girl who was shot in her mother’s bedroom is terrible. Someone interviewed on the news said we have to stop our “no snitching culture.” If you know for a fact where crimes are being committed by certain individuals and you don’t want to cooperate with the police, then the problem stems from your failure to join society. It’s hard for me to believe that people in the community where the blacks live, don’t know who is committing all these crimes.


They caught the guy who shot the little girl. Such a shame the man had many prior arrests. Beating, robbing, why are the judges backing off? Profiled? This is evidence. Lock them up and throw away the key.

Black lives

Why is it black lives only matter when they are killed by white people or the police? Don’t black lives matter when black people kill black people? That’s what I want to know.

Looking East

Ferguson ought to look across the river at East St. Louis. Remember what a thriving nice community that was? Then, all of a sudden, it was run by black councilmen, black mayor, black police, black firemen. See how lovely that turned out? Ferguson better give it some thought.

State finances

Attention Illinois residents: Illinois is in this dire financial situation because we voted and let the same political party govern the state for years. Illinois residents wake up.


A lot of people are not fans of Donald Trump, but a lot of people support him. I think the biggest reason is people are tired of politics. There is so much corruption within our government today and people are tired of it. Mr. Clayborne is a perfect example. The people are beginning to understand the corruption he is involved with and the people in Washington who are supposed to be helping us, are not doing their job. They are only looking out for each other and not the little man.

Convoy of Hope

During the Aug. 15 Convoy of Hope event in the O’Fallon Community Park, I was parked at the parking lot at Schnucks and I saw this fancy new white Cadillac Escalade pull up. Four women, three kids got out, opened the trunk, grabbed their purses and they went to nearby cars. Heard them talking about going the Convoy of Hope event. I thought this was for poor people to get the free food and stuff. If you drive up in a Cadillac Escalade, you don’t need any free food or anything. It’s people like this that ruin it for the people who need the stuff.

Joe Biden

I’m glad to see Joe Biden is thinking about getting in the race. I would pay to see Joe Biden debate Donald Trump. They have different philosophies, but they are both the same person. No filter — what pops in the brain comes out the mouth.

U of I

People need to look into the University of Illinois. This Board of Trustees fired this woman who was the big shot up there, and now agreed to give her $300,000 to be back on the faculty. Additionally they have hired a Palestinian, from South America, to teach American Indian studies. And, they have a wife and husband who were terrorist and both ex-convicts and have him on the board. If you want to stop what’s going on in this country, a good place to start is the University of Illinois.


Judges LeChien, Baricevic, and Haida should be forced to run for retention as opposed to election. These politicians have destroyed a number of lives. They should reap the consequences of the lives they have destroyed. They know they cannot win for retention. Because they have been horrible, political, no-good judges. They are not fair to the people who come before them, and they are not fair to other judges. There is no justice in St. Clair County with these three judges on the bench.

Boot the shoe

The wonderful city of Belleville USA is facing a new red menace, and I am not referring to communism or Donald Trump’s big comb-over. I am talking about that huge red eyesore that welcomes many people to this city: The big red shoe sculpture on Main Street. How many lives does this horrid offense to beauty affect each day? Let us rally together. Let us defeat the real evil of this world. Down with the big red shoe.