Letters to the Editor

Two graves II

I had a dream that said what Dr. King would do about cops killing blacks that involved visiting two graves. It came two days after Michael Brown’s death. It involved the graves of Michael, and, the deceased father of St. Louis county’s prosecutor, Bob McCulloch.

The dream said King would have had the protesters remember that this white cop, his father, died by a black hand doing wrong. And that our race should feel remorse for that as we prepared to bury Michael. This act was to show that all lives matter, including those with badges who kill our own without regard to how whites look, foreign or domestic. Plus, it was to show mistreated people how to use compassion against hate.

Having Colin Powell there, who is trusted by all living things, was to show God and other races that our protests were shifting to dialogue that the NAACP could have used in future settings other than street marches. But no black leader I knew would hear this act of love, not even Al Sharpton or East St. Louis/Cahokia area black leaders. As a result of not getting this dream out, we are where we are nationally and abroad — a people unable to convince looters and violent folks to move forward to new strategies beyond emotions.

This is why Black Lives Matter is a new movement attacking any race, group, or politician in this new generation’s way ... including Clinton, Bush, Trump, and our NAACP.

Derwin Wince