Letters to the Editor

Economic equity

After reading the book “Brothers of Wichita,” about the wealthy Koch brothers, I decided that Charles Koch was the arch enemy of liberal causes. David supports the arts in Manhattan with his money, but Charles puts his money into conservative politics. So, when he announced his intention to throw over 800 million into the 2016 election, I expected the worse.

But I was surprised to hear what he recently told a group of billionaires about the issues that concern him in this election. The first was to reduce entitlement spending at the federal level. Not a surprise, but then he said we need to cut back on corporate welfare. What? He is saying corporations should stop feeding at the federal hog trough? Wow. Then he said the banks need to be regulated more. Double wow.

Koch sounded like the California billionaire I watched in a TED talk titled, “How to Prevent the Pitchforks,” a reference to the bloody French Revolution. He warned the other billionaires that for the 1 percent to hold 90 percent of our wealth and for the 1/10th of that 1 percent to have almost half of our country’s wealth is unsustainable.

Don’t be surprised to hear even Republican presidential candidates talk about the need for economic equity in the primary.

Ray Hollmann

Fairview Heights