Letters to the Editor


Why did the Fairview Heights Police arrest, beat, and charge me during a false arrest, and without any probable cause, on the word of a motel maid?

Why is the state trying to prosecute a 3-year-old case, and for which actual charges were never filed by the state’s attorney?

Why do St. Clair County judges keep setting appearance dates for a case that has no charges filed, for which a motion to dismiss was filed for lack of jurisdiction, and for which no charges have ever been produced as demanded?

Why has my Freedom of Information Act Request to St. Clair County, asking for records relating to my court-appointed public defender, whom I did not request, gone ignored for over a month?

Why has Sean Murley, FOIA officer for St. Clair County, failed to provide the documents I requested, or obey the attorney general who has requested he explain his actions to them in denying my request?

Why has Fairview PD FOIA Officer Mike Origliosso, refused to provide documents I requested regarding his officers beating me without cause in effecting a false arrest, and likewise disobeying the attorney general?

I’ll tell you why. Because they are liars thugs, and cowards; cops, prosecutors, lawyers, and judges.

Funny how they break more laws then they claim to enforce. This malfeasance will now cost the taxpayers money because I’ll be suing for violations of the Freedom of Information Act.

What sound does justice make? Ka-ching, ka-ching. Thanks, taxpayers. Your move.

Philana Smoot