Letters to the Editor


I am fascinated by the unintended consequences resulting from the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court which has led to the clown car filled with Republican presidential hopefuls.

In the past, political leadership could maintain order within the ranks and speak with one voice by threatening to withhold money and organization. All that has changed with Citizens United. Speaker Boehner’s job now is more like herding cats than leading a legislative body. The inmates are in charge of the asylum, thanks to their sugar daddy’s support. The political paradigm has shifted away from the Republican National Committee to a cadre of moneyed barons with questionable agendas. This is how we got to the polarization we have today with too many vying to control the reigns of power and damning and sabotaging anyone who disagrees. Worse yet, they are willing to bring the country to its knees pursuing their narrow agenda.

If you happen to believe that “corporations are people” and the people with the most money should be able to subvert and control elections, you should be very pleased with the current turn of events. I’d be willing to bet that the Koch brothers did not expect their agenda to spin out of their control. Will this usurpation of power away from the electorate “ruin the country” as many doom-sayers like to assert? I don’t believe so. Our country is much more resilient than any group of interlopers. The zealots’ divided house can only fail.

Michael R. Sweeney