Letters to the Editor

Be careful

Is what we are seeing the beginning of a race war? What I see in St. Louis and other cities makes me think so.

It seems that there is more racism in the black community than there is from the white. A police officer is always wrong who shoots a black ruffian who is attacking a police officer, physically or with a gun. The dead black man is always in the right and the policeman is always in the wrong. What is going on here?

To verify my belief that there is more racism in the black community you only have to read a few of Frankie Seaberry’s letters or have the race-baiting president open his mouth.

Makes me want to go out and buy an assault rifle with a banana clip for 50 loads. I do have a means of defense but not to this extent.

I’d better be careful, Obama will send out his ruffians to confiscate my assault weapon that I don’t have.

H. Ray Sigler