Letters to the Editor

Black Lives Matter

In response to Leonard Pitts’ column Aug. 23, has he been into the black neighborhoods in East St. Louis, St. Louis and their surrounding areas? Does he know that blacks are killing blacks in an exponentially higher number than all the police-involved incidents in the country? Does he know that it isn’t the police committing most of the killings or assaults, as he put it, but other blacks.

How come you didn’t address the 9-year-old girl that was murdered by a stray bullet which probably came from a black firing at another black? Pitts wants to back up the Black Lives Matter organization. They don’t care about black lives and if they did they would have been screaming about that little girl or the other black on black violence victims. Black Lives Matter aka black lives don’t really matter unless they receive injuries fighting the police.

Black on black violence and murders don’t fit Mr Pitts and Black Lives Matters’ poor black boy attacked by the mean policeman mentality. The racism moniker scares the politicians and spark lynch mob mentality by district attorneys to go after innocent police officers who are simply trying to survive and go home to their families at the end of the day. Communities would rather throw police under the bus than accept that a person committed a crime, killed another black or threatened the lives of police when caught. Stop using race as an excuse to operate outside the law.

John C. Bauer

New Baden