Letters to the Editor

Deserving attention

Abortion produces strong opinions. It strikes at the heart of many local readers as well. Since July 14, when the first in a series of undercover videos was released exposing the stomach-churning practices at Planned Parenthood, there have been many worthy headliners in national newspapers. This issue only seems to find a subsection deep inside American news outlets. Its severity warrants more direct attention from our national journalist class.

We see almost a daily list of new questions regarding the status of Hillary Clinton’s email server. Are these questions relevant for front page attention? Yes. However, the ongoing practices of Planned Parenthood also deserve front-page coverage. We deserve a vivid discussion about the alarming practices.

We have readdressed many major issues once debated (often thought settled) by previous generations. Some of the issues include slavery, suffrage, civil rights and the death penalty. With the advances in technology, among other things, this issue also deserves to be readdressed.

Does the law supersede the beating heart of a baby inside her mother’s womb? Should our government compel taxpayers to subsidize ending life, given that we now know when a baby boy/girl has their first heartbeat? Why are various death penalty methods considered inhumane, but using chemical “feticide” methods for abortion considered societally acceptable?

Many questions regarding procedures used in Planned Parenthood deserve front-page attention. As taxpayers, compelled by our government to send our money to Planned Parenthood, we deserve answers.

Jeremy Plank

Options Now board member, Godfrey