Letters to the Editor

Sustain the ship

Why some Mexicans come to the United States and not to live here? This is a fair question. Why is it? One reason could be that one dollar of U.S. currency is equal to about 13 pesos. So. if you lived in Mexico and worked in the U.S. for $5 per hour for 40 hours, you would make about $200 a week. And if you went home with that $200, in Mexico it would be worth about $2,600 pesos a week.

This is more than enough incentive to work in the U.S. and keep your residence in Mexico. We have many industries and agricultural businesses in the U.S. that welcome this practice of lower wages and less taxes and benefits.

This discrepancy of currency is a large part of our border problems. All the countries south of the U.S. border are living under devalued currency — that breeds poverty.

There needs to be an equalized monetary form of currency for the Americas. The American continent is surrounded by large bodies of water making it a continent island. Like a large ship at sea, we should be able to sustain our countries by keeping our industrial and physical base on the island as you would the ship.

James E. Saffel Sr.