Letters to the Editor

Rick Stone

The sheriff is the person who hands out subpoenas or sometimes the undersheriff if the sheriff is out of town, etc.

If the process server is assigned other duties (which happens sometimes on vacation), other people are asked to serve these papers as was the case, as I see it, with Coroner Rick Stone.

So when someone with a grudge decided to make a case out of this, things got messy. In order for State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly to arrest the sheriff, he has to contact Rick Stone who, as a coroner, is the only person who has the power to arrest the sheriff, as the law is written.

So, to end this mess, Stone took the bullet, hoping to save everyone involved. He’s the scapegoat, so to speak. No one wants to dig up a dead sheriff, so what is the paper after to bring this all up again?

Dennis Kaufmann