Letters to the Editor

New trend

Consensus among several commentators is that there is often a flurry of interest in political outsiders during the summer but eventually voters become serious and begin to seek more traditional presidential candidates — 2016 could be different.

A recent GOP poll in Michigan found they picked Trump, Fiorina, Carson, and Cruz — three non-officeholders and a senator known for attacking his own party’s leadership. Another Gallup poll showed what is happening in both Democratic and Republican primaries: 75 percent, or three out of every four Americans when asked if corruption is widespread throughout our government, said they believe it is. So, to understand the Trump-Carson-Fiorina-Cruz appeal, think about that number. Another Gallup poll found only 38 percent of Germans say there is widespread corruption in their government.

On the left there is enormous discontent. Seven years into the first African-American presidency the “Black Lives Matter” movement is expressing rage and frustration with him. When an avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders, is making inroads on a Clinton — who would have thunk it. On the right, they are fed up being lied to by both parties for over 30 years that the border with Mexico would be sealed.

What is making anti-Washington sentiments more powerful is the degree to which independents and moderates are increasingly disgusted with Washington and politics in general.

Suddenly being a governor or senator or former Secretary of State can be interpreted as being part of a system that failed.

Garland J. Horn

Granite City