Letters to the Editor

Write those letters

Those low-flying planes are out there to locate us, the American people, Obama’s enemies. He failed at being a president along with all his followers, betraying America, stealing our ID and stealing America.

Don’t blame us because of your fear — you brought it on yourself. We are doing our part, we provide well for your waste, but still not enough for your senseless spending. There is no reason you should stay. You have nothing to be proud of. You’re not thankful. You have only yourself to despise. You are not an example.

Our White House has been occupied by hardened criminals at work killing babies not yet born, like a sewer drain taking waste. You are a living waste that you created for yourself.

The harm you are working at is the blame you caused. A White House thug, no rewards for your failure, no rewards for your education. You did it, nobody else to blame.

A country without a president is a difficult way to go. Your fault not serving the people. This country doesn’t belong to you and your Muslim thieves. There is a difference between serving the people versus using the people.

David wrote letters, some good advice. Write those letters. There is a supreme power source. Write those letters to save America, one nation. We need progress, not decay.

Betty Storll