Letters to the Editor

New mayor needs your help

To the East St. Louis City Council and former Mayor Alvin Parks:

I know Alvin Parks personally, and to date I have never spoken a negative word about him. My comments today are not personal but my belief in the words of the author Edmunde Burke, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Due to the poor decision of the East St. Louis City Council to hire former Mayor Alvin Parks thereby circumventing Mayor Jackson, I must offer a strong rebuke. By accepting the position as city manager, re-empowers his former authority in the city. This is unfortunate because a true professional should not want to hinder his opponent’s administration after an election loss. At minimum, Mr. Parks should know that this is a conflict of interest.

To the City Council of East St. Louis, the bible warns that individuals will reap what they have sown. If my suspicions are correct that the city council is trying to undermine Mayor Jackson’s work in turning around a broken city, you will also reap what you have sown.

To the citizens of East St. Louis, you elected Mayor Jackson to turn around the city. But, she cannot do it alone. She needs your assistance. Please be vigilant and speak up about these types of injustices. Remember your vote matters.

To Mayor Emeka Jackson, change is never easy but God has anointed you for a time such as this.

Dr. Patrick Rice

East St. Louis