Letters to the Editor

No loss for words

Deranged, disgraceful, disgusting, destructive, dysfunctional, terroristic, terrible, racial, radical are words found in the dictionary and fit the White House occupant like a glove, along with the present administration. With all the outright lying and deception, the only way things could be worse is if they had another term to be in office.

In our White House, we have a narcissistic, narrow-minded idiot that has only done harm to America. He lied when he ran for office and shifted to third gear after he got in. He killed the best health care in the world, shrank the military, destroyed our stockpile of weapons, went against anything moral and backed anything immoral. He wants us to be a one-world order country, distribute the wealth of the rich, wants us to accept a treaty with Iran that should of never been negotiated, wants everybody to give up their guns — that would be a mistake —and he is a racist.

If you want some interesting reading, look up Obama’s number one adviser that lives at the White House. Her name is Valarie Jarrett. Obama takes her advice very seriously. She is very close to members of the communist party and her family is either communist or very close to them. She made millions with a habitat company.

Terry Hunt