Letters to the Editor

Legacy of Jim Crow laws

Jim Crow laws were cruel, devastating and very painful to black people. The political party primarily responsible for Jim Crow laws continues to thrive. The successors to the Jim Crow politicians have dominated Madison County for over 75 years.

Due to the treachery of the banquet ticket hustlers. black people routinely vote against their own interest by helping to elect Jim Crow candidates. The designated colored leaders are satisfied hustling banquet tickets, while ignoring the disproportionate number of poor black people living in subsidized housing and forced to obtain welfare benefits. Government welfare is a trap that severely damages the lives and family relationships of many black people, especially children.

The only solution to poverty is the aggressive expansion of employment opportunities for black people; certainly not welfare or hustling banquet tickets and begging for donations.

The stranglehold of the Jim Crow politicians on Madison County must be ended. Under their domination, there has never been a black person elected or even nominated for county-wide office in Madison County. There is no meaningful political representation of black people in this county. It is reprehensible that no black person has ever been nominated for circuit judge in Madison County. In comparison St. Clair County has had two. Associate judges are appointed and serve at the pleasure of the circuit judges, all of whom are white.

William R. Lambert